Monday, February 15, 2010

This past week

February 11- Carson's 3 month birthday. I cannot believe that  it has already been 3 months. Here he is putting on a show of his cuteness.
February 13- Carson finally got to meet his Grandpa face to face. My daddy has suffered the last several years with paralysis and other weaknesses due to multiple strokes. This was a very sweet time together, finally.
February 14- Carson's first Valentines day--- I (mom) was his Valentine, even though he got alot of kisses from other people :)

We are so thankful for these special memories. Carson is constantly reminding me that God is good. Always. Sometimes things aren't what we would have planned or how we would like, but things are always right as they should be with God in control. His way really is perfect, and so rewarding. Please keep my family in your prayers. Another "not what we would like" has happened, and my heart is heavy tonight. Thank you! Lots of love from us to you. Happy Valentines day!!!


  1. AW, such a cutie...he is getting so big! LOVE the tie! :)

  2. I love Carson's expressions. He has the most expressive little face ever! So cute!

  3. Somehow I missed this post!! That tie is SOO CUTE on Carson!!!!!