Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just me bragging!

Hi there!!
    I just wanted to hop on real fast and brag. Yep, I'm a proud mommy and now I'm going to brag about my wonderful, and amazing little man. The cutest and bestest little man on this whole earth. Carson is almost three months... oh my it's gone too fast... He is already sleeping between 6-9 hrs straight at night. He smiles, He coos, He loves looking at pictures and videos of himself. Now, the topper, at night when I take him to bed, he's groggy but still awake.. all I say is, "night- night time Carson, time to go night- night." The boy will close his eyes and go to sleep. WOO-WEE!!!! I love my baby boy!!!!

I love both of these cute men, and am so blessed. I could go on and on bragging about the handsome man in the orange, He is so much more than wonderful...The best husband and best father. I can't enough pics of these two. Oh and he sleeps through the night too. :)


  1. So nice to have a husband that sleeps through the night! Aspen has been averaging 7 hours at night. I, too, am so blessed!

  2. That's great! Don't ya just love sleep!? Jet started sleeping through the night around 7 weeks (we would have to wake him up in the AM after 9hrs!)....then the teething started arond 4 months...I won't even tell you. lol. No - he's not that bad...but he changed his schedule around and still is! It's all normal. But I remember those days..or nights rather... enjoy it!!! :) We're lucky - some 2 year olds are still waking up at night! Yikes. Guess that could still happen to me...