Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just for fun

                Twas just a while before Christmas and all through our house....
Not a creature was stirring

Till we brought out the mouse...

The stockings weren't hung on the chimney with care

Cause what kind of goofball would put a baby there.
The children weren't nestled all snug in their beds...

although very sleepy we went tree shopping instead
Later out of the crib there arose such a clatter 

Mom went into look and see what was the matter..

Away to the crib she would fly like a flash
 And saw it was me working on my pass

So very smart I am, you see
A Longhorns fan I always will be.
Oh back to the story that we had

Here's me hanging out with my dad.
Christmas is soon and I'm being so sweet

just smiling away in my Boppy seat

                                                 Never oh never would I ever fight

(he-he) Merry Christmas to all and to all a good- night. 

Can you tell that we're having fun??? What a joy and blessing it is to have Carson with us this Christmas. What a great time to just think about all the gifts that the Lord has given to us.
May you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. oh he is just to cute! I just want to pinch and kiss those little cheeks. Merry Christmas to you guys!

  2. hahaHAAAAAAA! What great pics! Especially the ones were... well.... okay, ALL of them!!! (sigh!) I just love our little Sweet Potatoe :)