Friday, December 4, 2009

Carson's Overdue Update

Ok, ok you can call off the hounds.  Another Carson update is upon us.  Last Sunday we had the joy of bringing Carson before the church for dedication.  This does not involve a baptism of any kind and does nothing to provide our boy with salvation, but it is a special moment that we take to demonstrate that as parents we will allow the Lord to work in our son's life as He see's fit and that we will do our best to bring him up in His nurture and admonition.  We are so thankful for Carson and the blessing that he is and are very happy to present him back to the Lord for whatever will that He has for his life.

The Monday following, we took Carson back down to the hospital that he knows so well for another visit to the neurosurgeon.  We figured we would have another long day full of scans and prodding, but we were surprised to have the neurosurgeon just give Carson a quick looking over and basic head measurements.  He said that Carson is recovering well and looking very good!  Our next appointment with him was set as a ct-scan a month from now.  What a blessing to not have to be back for weekly visits so far.

We did have more business down at the hospital the following Thursday though as Carson had his first spina bifida clinic appointment.  We were headed down for the appointment when Carson was introduced to another first instead, his first car wreck.  I guess it was too early to let him drive, but we are all doing great as none of us received any injury.  The crash was very minor as we were already moving along slowly when a sudden stop proved that the car in front of us had better brakes than we did.  His car went pretty much unscathed, but our car will be in the shop for awhile.  It will be at least 16 years before I let ol' Toonces behind the wheel again though.  Seriously, we are very thankful for the Lord's protective hand upon our lives as things could have been much worse in any number of ways.  Spina bifida clinic will have to wait another week as we had to reschedule everything.

Thank you for your love and prayers!


  1. So thankful that you are all okay--what a day Thursday must have been for you. Please know that Carson is always in our prayers. I'm so glad to know how his Neuro appt. went. Yea for the good news. Love and prayers, Ruth and family.

  2. ....and you should have seen the POUT FEST that went on at the Christmas Party between Nina and "Granma" Greer over Carson! It was hySTERical! Nina even called Daddy by his first and middle names to drag him over to negotiate a (short!) detante (pictures with the Sweet Potatoe were desired and ~ahem~ "negotiated" over)!
    I kid, I kid. It wasn't THAT bad, but it WAS funny! Carson is going to be SO spoiled in our/his church, what with all the extra "granmas" and "papas" and "honorary aunties" (heeeee!)

  3. Just got the newest post, as I've been in Idaho for my folks 60th wedding anniversary. Just got back yesterday and haven't had time to do much of anything on the computer. So...I'm so glad you were ok after the accident, sorry about the car...glad to hear that the doctors are happy with Carson. Will look forward to hearing about the first apt. with the clinic (the one you missed) Keep us posted and I really like your writing! Love you both and our prayers are with you ALL!!
    Mom #2, Oma...