Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi everyone!
We hope that each of you had a fantastic Christmas. We sure did. We are so thankful for our new gift and absolutely enjoyed every moment of his first Christmas. We mostly video- taped but did get some pretty good shots that I know you will enjoy. Today (12/30) we went back to the hospital for Carson's first Ct scan. This was ordered by his neurosurgeon as a follow-up check for Hydrocephalus, and this being his first Ct scan was just a good view of how things are looking.... And the results!! Fantastic. Dr. told us that he doesn't anticipate Carson needing a shunt. His scan results were wonderful. He also was pleased by how well his back is healing and removed the "not on back" restrictions. Praise the Lord!!!! Now on with some pics of Carson's first Christmas. Love you all! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                     A bragging moment for Carson's
                                                            Great Grandma Hardy


I blame the egg-nog
Mommy's gifts


WOW! what can we say other than God's gifts are definitely the best. 


  1. What a wonderful post! So good to hear good reports and know that prayers are being heard. We love and miss you so much. Love, From Florida!

  2. Such a rootin' tooter! And he's so loved at church. You should see the hustling as Mommy & Daddy enter with him, or Preacher says the final "Amen" and folks want to get to Carson 1st! HAHAHAhAA! ~ ~ AND, of course, the pecking order is *clear*! Memaw, Nina, GGMaHardy, then anyone else... tho' few are brave enuff to steal from me (after the aforementioned)... except my sister... (we'll leave that alone!) Poor li'l fella goes home with a plethora of lipstick marks on his head from all the kisses he gets! (it's a good thing he's patient about it all! HAHA!)

  3. Thanks for the newest pictures of Christmas. What wonderful news about Carson's last appointment. Wow, God is soooooo good!! All the time!!!! We love you all very, very much and can't wait to get there to see Carson up close and personal! He will probably be talking by that time! Love you all!
    Mom #2 or Oma...

  4. Hi, Karen! It's your favorite SSBYC roomie! I'm so glad to have found you. It looks like you have a wonderful little boy. God is taking you down a very winding road, but He is the best one to take you! We had a first little one, a girl, at the first part of December. I will be following your blog to keep up with the three of you. Stop by my blog sometime.