Thursday, May 17, 2012

So many wonderful things to catch up on. Right now is one of those seasons that just gets so busy. Its busy, and crazy, and too much fun!!!! Heres a look back on the month of April.

My Best friend Brittney came out to visit with her son Titus. He is just a few months younger than Carson... They had so much fun together
This is our Papa Hardy. He is one of the greatest and Godliest men that I know, a retired pastor. I could not resist getting a picture of him playing with the babies. This is a picture that I will treasure and cherish. Oh he's singing "pat- a- cake"


Bob recently switched jobs and we switched insurance... AAAHHHH thought I. We really did have to start over in alot of ways. New doctors, New tests, and new treatment paths. Praise the Lord we love our new doctors and are very excited to start new paths. Mid April,  Carson had a follow-up MRI. his previous MRI showed significant and very concerning pockets of fluid along his spinal cord. This is what we commonly reference as tethered cord syndrome. This requires a very intensive and invasive surgery to correct.  Our follow-up MRI showed that the pockets were still present but had not worsened in about 4 months. He is not showing any symptoms and does not appear to be in pain. So for now- NO SURGERY!- We wait. Surgery will come... but the longer we can put that off the better.

He did so great through his MRI.... Really really great. About 4 hours he was eating chicken and fries at Fuddruckers. Oh, and a chocolate shake.

That night after the MRI we went to the airport and picked up my brother and family!!!!!!!!!!!! Charity is my amazing sister in law and Micah my nephew.

Of course we went to Disney the next day!

watch out! Micah's driving!

Watch out!! Those are stinky feet!

I love this guy!!! Seriously Cody has not only been my broham, but he has been my Toto- my best friend! I am so proud of him!!! He currently is serving the Lord at a church in Florida doing just about every area of ministry that you can imagine. LOVE HIM!!!

While visiting with us Micah took his first steps!!!!! He walked to this trash can. :)


Yes, Micah is eating a rock. LOL!



April brought two very important birthdays!!! Micah's and Silas'. They are just 12 days apart. So on Silas' birthday we made pancakes.

They were a hit!!!
 The computer will not let me finish uploading the rest of the pictures.... We have two big parties to recap.... I will wrap this post up and then get to work on a next one.

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