Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carson goes to camp. Oh we went too.

Well we have returned from a WONDERFUL week in the beautiful, colorful, cool- sunny shiny Colorado Rockies. With Bob being the youth director we approach each year at youth camp with some fear and trembling..with worry. And this year, I began that worry process months ahead just knowing that we were taking a baby to camp for the first time. But... like always God was so good and so in control. The week was so refreshing and so needed. The messages revolved around what God has done for us, and how much he cares and have given for us. The song which we sang nearly every service was
     Give them all, Give them all, Give them all to Jesus
     Shattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toys
     Give them all, Give them all, Give them all to Jesus
     And He will turn your sorrows into joy.

One day I will remember I dont need to worry--- just trust. :)

I worried about the plane flight...

I worried about how he would do with the change in his schedule (eating and sleeping)

I worried about how he would do during the preaching services

But----  Carson had a great time, and he did so very well.
Whether it was meeting new people

Or going new places (inside joke)
He just, in his usual way, made our time together even more wonderful and more aware of how good God is.


  1. Your little Carson has the best expressions! He is so stinkin' cute :)

  2. What an adorable personality! He is just a smiley bug and I LOVE it! How fun - we're taking Jet on a plane next week so now I'm the worrying one! I hope it goes well and I can give over my worries as well. :)

  3. how adorable! glad you all had a wonderful time. i know what you mean about being a worrier. I do the same thing so often. and God always comes back and blesses so much more than I ever could have asked for or thought of and its almost like He is telling me, "now what was that concern you had?" :) Our God is so so so so good. All the time. I'm so glad that He has chosen to put me into the ministry. Love you all. Miss you. :)

  4. What more can I say... he is just SO CUTE!!!

    And I'm with you and the "not worrying but trusting" bit. I've got a long way to go on that, too.