Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tenotomy complete

The tenotomy is over and all is well.  So physically and emotionally draining to have to wait in a room while your child is going through such a tough time in another.  We were able to hear him crying through the wall and our hearts just ached and prayed.  He came through everything very well and we are reminded yet again of Who is still in control.  How His heart must ache whenever He must allow us to go through something for our own good only to hear us cry as though we were abandoned.
Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. I am inspired by your faith. We have been on this journey with our daughter Madilyn for over 6 years. May God continue to bless your family as he has blessed ours. Best Wishes!

  2. So glad this part is over! Another stage is done and to God be the glory great things HE hath done! Love you all so much...Oma, Mom #2