Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Baby boy, I love you so,
Far more than you could ever know.
Far more than simple words can say,
 I love you more with each passing day.

Six months has come and flown right by,
You are growing too fast my little guy.
You’ve exceeded all my hopes and my dreams,
You're better than any of my plans or schemes.
I love your laugh, and your priceless smile,
I love to hear you just "talk" a while.
I love to tickle your little round tummy,
I love your face when something is yummy.
I love how you just attack a toy,
Carson, you really are my pride and joy.
I love how you  fit right into my arms,
I love your flirting, and all your charms.
I love how you notice me,
And how you reach your arms out in glee.

Your strength and spirit they keep me going,
My little buddy, you are growing and growing.
May you always know you are a special man,
May you always know I’m your biggest fan.
I daily thank the Lord for you,
I love you Handsome, I really do.

                                     YOU CAN'T ASK TOO MUCH OF MY GOD


  1. Happy 6 months Birthday! Carson!

  2. i love you little Carson! it was so fun getting to hold you last week and get to spend some time with you. Uncle Cody and Aunt Re are so proud of you.

  3. Oh my!! I can't believe it has been so long since I viewed your blog! Such a bad, bad Oma! I got all caught up today and am so glad I did. Carson is so cute and I loved the poem. Miss you guys a lot. What have you decided about camp, or is that still undecided? Call me sometime...oh, we go up to camp on the 24th, so if I don't answer, leave and message and I'll call you back when we go down the hill. Love you guys! Mom#2 or Oma