Thursday, February 2, 2012


This post is about Silas. My second baby boy. As I was looking for pictures to do today's post and give you a update about the month of January I found some very special pictures that I didn't have a chance to put up. I have always intended to do a blog post dedicated to just Silas so here it is. Silas came to us last April, just a  teeny tiny little guy. I was afraid to hold him he was so small. I think. I was also so worried when they left him alone with me that first night. He was so newborn. I didn't hold Carson until he was 3 days old.. Silas was probably 3 minutes when I got to hold him... He hadn't even had a bath yet... :)

Silas was a complete surprise! When I found out that I was expecting him, Carson was only 9 months old. I was shocked and terrified to be pregnant again so soon. How in the world was this right? I questioned God... because I had trusted Him to give us our next baby in His timing. I trusted His timing... How could He be right to give us our 2nd so soon....


Silas has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing in our lives. I love that he and Carson are so close in age. They are buddies. I love that I have two little boys who wrestle and throw a ball back and forth. I love these little boys in a bazillion ways.

Silas is so sweet, and so happy. He has the most contagious smile and mischievous grin.

He is like Carson in a hundred ways, and yet so different too. He loves food. He hates naps. He can crawl, and stand and make a mess of trouble in a single second. He loves to attack and finds the funniest ways to draw attention to himself. He loves his big brother, and anything that he does is super cool and must be attempted.

This past weekend we found out that we are now expecting baby #3. We are super excited. It is soon- Silas is 9 months old, and in that short little 9 months we have learned to trust God's plan and just how much of a blessing children are. Maybe we will 30. ha ha... totally kidding. :)

Sooo lets rewind. are those older photos I found. 

Silas got his first haircut--

The boy was getting pretty shaggy. Time for a cut 11/9/2011

He did so perfect. I remember the days when Carson used to sit this still for me

The funny thing was he would grab each piece of hair that I cut off

Are we done yet??

Oh please let me look good.

I almost cried when we finished.... This cut made him look a little too much like a little boy.


Had to get some pictures to show off his new do.

So these had to be put up for all to see. My baby boy- the little brother- soon to be big brother who has captured my heart, and made me so happy, and proud.

I love you little foot.


  1. WOW! You must have had a mess of hair on the floor after that haircut! Congrats on the new baby.

  2. Such a sweet post, Karen! Congrats on baby #3!

  3. oh my goodness, so so so sweet! I am THRILLED for you guys!!!

  4. Sweetness!! Loved the pictures and the news of the wee #3...oh, that sounds a bit weird, but I'm gonna say it anyway! Congrats to a very special little family that is rapidly growing into "A table for 5" please! Yep, exciting times are already here! Love you all!! ALL FIVE of YOU!!

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